Webometrics (Ranking Web of World Universities)

Webometrics list is created by Cybermetrics Lab, part of Spain’s largest research institute, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Professionals have been assessing the web presence of more than 22 000 institutions twice a year since 2004. Not the number of visitors and design of the university pages are monitored, but the ’visibility’ of the higher education institution on the internet is analyzed. Half of the total points is given by, for example, how many people link the different pages of the university, but it also matters how many pages and external links to university websites and documents are found by Google and Google Scholar, and also how many publications of the researchers and professors of the institution are published on the websites of the most important scientific journals.

There are four Hungarian higher education institutions among the top one thousand in the Webometrics world ranking, updated in January 2020: Eötvös Loránd University was ranked 480th, Budapest University of Technology and Economics 605th, the University of Szeged 692nd, and the University of Debrecen 728th. The University of Pécs was ranked 1048th. The University of Debrecen was ranked 25th in the regional list of Central and Eastern Europe.


1. Harvard University United States
2. Stanford University United States
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
480. Eötvös Loránd University Hungary
605. Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary
692. University of Szeged Hungary
728. University of Debrecen Hungary
1048. University of Pécs Hungary

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