Primary and Specialized Care for Dental Outpatients and Inpatients

Primary and Specialized Care for Dental Outpatients and Inpatients has a central role in the health preservation and promotion of society. Recent research findings have proved that the health of the oral cavity is an important indicator of the health status of the body, and the diseases and chronic inflammatory conditions of the mouth can cause diseases affecting the entire body, including cardiovascular, oncological, kidney, joint, etc. diseases. A dental examination is always a screening for diseases of the mouth, which helps the prevention or early detection of abnormalities that could cause disease as well. The service organizes the following screening programs regularly where they identify and refer those in need of care.

  • The Faculty of Dentistry organizes Dental Screening Days every year, where dentistry students, residents, and specialized healthcare staff provide free dental health check, plaque removal, life, nutritional, and prevention advising for the citizens of Debrecen. The high number of participants and the treatments required indicate that there is a great demand for these screening events.
  • World Oral Health Day – FDI World Dental Federation. Dentists and dental hygienists deliver lectures, provide screening and practical education all over the world on the very same day. The faculty has also joined this initiative.
  • ACCF- Alliance for a Cavity Free Future. As participants of this initiative, the staff of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics offer preventive education services in primary schools and kindergartens.
  • Teddy Bear Hospital – dental students provide dental information sessions for children and students.
  • Campus Festival – students and residents deliver informative presentations and offer practical training for those interested.
  • ÉPEN- Értünk Prevenciós Egyetemi Napok [For Us University Days for Prevention] – informative presentations, dental screening for university students of the Campus.

Updated: 2017.09.03.

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