Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology

The cardiology division of the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen Teaching Hospital has been providing treatment for patients with cardiovascular diseases in Eastern Hungary for decades. During these years we have managed to provide high-quality care for an increasing number of patients in a building continuously extended to meet the increased demand. Therapeutic guidelines change but one thing has remained the same in the last 30-40 years: the unwavering desire to heal patients.

With a staff of 186 people (including physicians, nurses, and service staff) we strive to make inpatient and outpatient care as tolerable as possible.

The activities of our department cover the entire range of procedures in modern cardiology.

The average monthly number of patients is 645 in the case of inpatients. 142 of these patients are treated in intensive care and 503 at the active cardiology department on 14 beds in the intensive care unit and 112 in the active department.

In the two electrophysiology and two hemodynamic operating rooms we use diagnostic and therapeutic procedures currently known in invasive cardiology, constantly keeping up with the fast-developing profession.

Since January 5, 2015, in collaboration with the Gyula Kenézy Hospital and Clinic, we have been operating an early cardiac rehabilitation department with a full capacity of 15 beds. The annual number at our cardiology outpatient clinic is more than 6,200 cases/month. Besides the cardiology clinic we also have diabetology, Holter, stress ECG, arrhythmia, and pacemaker clinics. Within our institute we have introduced a trans-telephonic ECG system, which has become an integral part of inpatient and outpatient services. It is a good indicator of the effectiveness of our work that the AMI (STEMI, NSTEMI) mortality rate in 2014-2015 was 4.22 % (national average: 7.52%).

Our physicians and healthcare professionals participate in further education programs and conferences several times a year where they present their research findings thus contributing to successful healing and the sharing of experience. Our researchers are working to find the reason for numerous heart diseases by studying the cardiac muscle cells so that we can become familiar with the development of the diseases, the factors influencing their course, and therapeutic options.

Updated: 2017.08.15.

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