Department of Internal Medicine, Rheumatology

In the field of inpatient care the rheumatology department provides its specialized rheumatology services on twenty beds. Its main profile covers the complete range of arthritis and systemic autoimmune diseases as many in the staff also took qualifying exams in clinical immunology. Besides these we have a responsibility for providing rheumatology-related care in Debrecen, primarily in ambulatory care. The arthritis, autoimmune and emergency rheumatology patients are hospitalized at the department. This means 1,400-1,500 inpatients annually. In ambulatory care we meet patients six hours every workday at two outpatient clinics based on appointment. We can manage urgent cases based on personal medical consultations. The physiotherapy unit supporting the inpatient department and the outpatient clinics is open six hours a day offering individual and group physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, Bioptron light therapy, lower level laser therapy, and Bemer therapy. If required, fee-paying patient care is also available for Hungarian and international patients. Two comfortable single hospital rooms are available for this purpose with their own bathroom, fridge and TV set. Our unit is a special regional arthritis and biological therapy center where all 21st-century diagnostic and therapy options are available. Patients with inflammatory, autoimmune rheumatologic problems come to our institution both from the region and all over the country.

As there are numerous institutions in the city providing care in general rheumatology, we primarily treat diseases requiring a special background in internal medicine and immunology and/or emergency care. We strive to provide patient care in line with the principles of progressivity (national 3rd level): we direct widespread diseases (arthrosis, osteoporosis, lower back pain), other degenerative diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, and cases mostly requiring spa treatment and physiotherapy to other institutions of the city with which we have established a good working relationship. For the purposes of regional patient care and optimal patient paths, we closely cooperate with the rheumatology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation departments of the twin region.

Updated: 2017.08.15.

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