Innovative Radiochemistry to Advance Molecular Imaging

Academic head of project management: Pál Mikecz

  • Title of project: Innovatív radiokémia a molekuláris képalkotás fejlesztéséért
  • Type of grant: FP7 PEOPLE 2012
  • Description: The objective of the RADIOMI ( Innovative Radiochemistry to Advance Molecular Imaging) project is to coordinate research in radiochemistry carried out at six universities and two companies manufacturing radiopharmaceuticals and to provide future staff for this field. The participating partners employ young researchers at the early stage of their careers for a three year term; these people, in an ideal case, receive a PhD degree by the end of this term. In the Radiochemistry Center of the Molecular Medicine Institute at the University of Debrecen's Clinical Center nanoparticles labeled with F-18 isotope are created in cooperation with the BBS Nanotechnology company.
  • The duration of the project: November 1, 2012 – October 31, 2016
  • Actual total cost: 198.355 (EUR)
  • Type of research: Basic
  • Consortium details:
    • Lead applicant: University of Oxford
    • Consortium partner:
      • University of Turku
      • Advanced Accelerator Applications
      • Claude Bernard University Lyon 1
      • The Centre for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials-CIC biomaGUNE
      • King's College London
      • Stichting VU-VUmc
      • Debreceni Egyetem

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