Creation of efficient energy management systems for pubic and office buildings with the development of a new photovoltaic system and a complex control system for the generation and storage of electricity and heat and for driving electric vehicles

Academic head of project management: Husi Géza

  • Title of project: Köz és irodaépületek hatékony energiamenedzsment rendszerének létrehozása újfajta fotovoltaikus rendszer és komplex töltésszabályozó rendszer kifejlesztésével elektromos áram és hőenergia előállítására és tárolására, valamint elektromos autók meghajtására
  • Type of grant: GOP-1.1.1-11
  • Description: The development of an energy management system capable of planning the energy optimization of office buildings, industrial facilities, and community buildings: this system is capable of harmonizing consumption and generation needs in the installed facilities. The project also includes the development of new photovoltaic systems and the study of possibilities for their installation for different building types, especially for community and industrial facilities in different climates. The development of a new charging control system consisting of a software based on simulation technology and a new data acquisition system.
  • The duration of the project: January 2, 2013 – October 30, 2015
  • Actual total costs: 111.084.589 (HUF)
  • Type of research: Experimental
  • Consortium details:
    • Lead applicant: Polaris-Nord Ipari és Szolgáltató Kft.
    • Consortium partner:
      • Elinor Mérnökiroda Kft.
      • University of Debrecen

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