Our university has been one of the most important scholarly centers of research and development in Hungary ever since its foundation. In the past years the university has been devoted to carrying out basic and applied research of a high international standard and exploiting the opportunities offered by Hungarian and international networks. The research university title and the related financial subsidy provided an opportunity to define the place and developmental directions of our university using international benchmarks. The university’s scholarly portfolio is very diverse, all faculties conduct research activities. The university, in line with the objectives of Hungarian and European innovation policy, strives to build up capacities and a knowledge base of a critical mass through the identification of focus areas which are capable of providing research results that are internationally competitive and can be utilized successfully in the economy. Our key research areas include medical and health sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, natural sciences, sports sciences, electronics, and information technology.

The University of Debrecen also supports those fields in its research portfolio which contribute to the improvement of teaching and guarantee the high quality of education. Applied and experimental research and development play an increasingly influential role in the university’s research portfolio. The real strength inherent in the range of research activities provided is the diversity within the institution. This variety provides an opportunity for synergy between the disciplines which can contribute to internationally competitive research results.

The university traditionally has a strong relationship with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, which finances several research groups of the university (14 funded by the HAS and 7 as part of the “Momentum” program) besides the Institute for Nuclear Research operated in the city.

The protection of intellectual property is a key priority for the University of Debrecen and the institution has established an effective intellectual property management system. The business-focused approach of the university’s Research Utilization and Technology Transfer Center guarantees that innovative businesses can find links to university research and long-term collaborations can be started resulting in tangible results for society in the form of innovative products and services.

Thanks to the successful grant application activity of the university, such funds are available both for basic research and development and innovation projects that are well above the national average.

Updated: 2017.08.16.

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