Quality Assurance

The objective of the development of the university’s quality assurance system is to

  • increase and maintain the standard and quality of education and training,
  • provide high-quality and successful research,
  • meet the social responsibilities of the University of Debrecen on a high level,
  • improve the efficiency of operation,
  • increase the satisfaction and fully meet the requirements of students, instructors, researchers, staff, the employers of students graduating from the university, and the organizations, institutions, partners cooperating with the university.

The university builds on the following documents and standards in the process of developing and operating its quality assurance system

  • the stipulations of the effective Act on Higher Education,
  • the resolutions and guidelines of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee,
  • the guidelines of the Ministry of Human Resources regarding quality assurance in higher education,
  • the Mission Statement of the University of Debrecen,
  • international guidelines for quality assurance, in particular the European standards for quality assurance in higher education, the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area” adopted in Bergen in 2005 (hereafter referred to as ESG).

The quality assurance system of the university can be established in multiple steps. The current version of the Quality Assurance Manual includes the most important issues in connection with the university’s quality assurance.

The modernization of the institution’s operation-oriented operation can be implemented along three targets

  • The development of an organizational culture which focuses on permanently maintaining the self-learning and self-development process emphasizing the high standard of people working and highlighting the importance of the value system in order to prioritize the stakeholders’ satisfaction. Achieving such a change of perception could support the implementation of operational changes.
  • The improvement of quality assurance processes using the organizational self-assessment model. The objective is to create such a two-level organizational self-assessment system matching and connected to the requirements which ensures the continuous assessment of the institution’s operation, providing an opportunity to define and improve areas of development.
  • The modernization of operation through various processes along the lines specified by the institution, including both the core and supporting activities.

The University specifies its quality assurance system based on the stipulations of the effective act on Hungarian higher education, the criteria of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, and the guidelines of the Ministry of Human Resources and also in consideration of the European standards of quality assurance in higher education. The administration of the university is committed to operating and developing the quality assurance system.

The objective of the university administration with the development of the university’s quality assurance and quality verification system is to ensure that the university provides skills and knowledge for its students that can be used in the Hungarian and international labor market in a high quality and in a way that provides a solid basis for further training.

The quality assurance system of the university, in consideration of the tasks specified in the Deed of Foundation, is a conscious and organized activity involving the university as a whole, which serves the realization of the objectives specified in the quality policy of the university and which primarily focuses on satisfying the needs of direct and indirect partners, especially that of the students in general (irrespective of which program they participate in), the employers, clients of research and other services, and the international and Hungarian professional and academic communities. The documentation system of quality assurance is prepared by the rector’s commissioner for quality assurance, commented on by the Quality Improvement Committee of the Senate, and is adopted by the Senate of the university.

The university prepares a Quality Improvement Plan, which is accepted by the Senate. The institutional and faculty-level quality targets are recorded in this Quality Improvement Plan.

Quality assurance and quality improvement based on this activity is the duty of all instructors, researchers, and employees of the university. Everyone shall perform their job duties in a quality that ascertains that the university’s accomplishments are always in harmony with the objectives specified in the quality policy.

Updated: 2017.08.14.

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