Mission Statement of the University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen, as a leading and prominent institution of Hungarian higher education and in line with the spirit of the Magna Charta of European Universities, is dedicated to developing and improving universal scholarship and Hungarian society by providing high-quality, versatile and interdisciplinary educational as well as research and development programs. Such a mission is pursued jointly by the faculty, staff, and students of the university committed to high quality and in cooperation with Hungarian and international partners. As a result the university

  • is renowned internationally as a prestigious educational and scholarly research and development institution in the fields of agricultural sciences, arts and humanities, health sciences, law, economics,  engineering, educational sciences, medicine, social sciences, natural sciences and music;
  • is becoming a leading intellectual center in Eastern Hungary striving to increase its efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness, emphasizing dynamic development and the rationalization of management in close cooperation with the neighboring regions of surrounding countries;
  • aims to train highly professional people in consideration of European trends and needs of society by extending tertiary education, the development and implementation of multi-tier programs (bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs), the diversity of postgraduate programs, continuous further education, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by distance learning and the need for life-long learning as well;
  • facilitates collaboration between the private sector, the business sphere, the local and state government in regional and cross-border educational, research and development programs as a research university and a key actor in economic development.

The University of Debrecen aims to provide service for Hungary and her citizens in line with its mission statement preserving its diversity, unity, and systematic activities on all levels of education ranging from pre-school to adult education. Besides providing services in education, research, healthcare and prevention activities, and agriculture the university is also committed to strengthening cooperation with society and the business sphere and to accomplish the third mission of higher education, the propagation of sports and culture. The main focus of the University of Debrecen’s activities is directed at the health industry.

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Updated: 2018.03.21.

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